Get In and Get Going

Tired of commuting alone? Spending too much on commute costs? Our community benefits when we commute together. By joining a vanpool, you become part of a group of five or more individuals who share the ride to and from work in vans provided by RideFinders. Each group needs one person to serve as the primary driver, and one or more riders who serve as backup drivers. Primary drivers may receive a free or reduced fare while others pay a low cost monthly fare. Riders enjoy a stress free commute with extra time to read, catch up on emails, relax or talk. 

Vanpool Overview

Fuel and Wash: Vanpools receive fleet cards to cover the costs of car washes and fuel.

Insurance: Coverage is provided by RideFinders at or above statutory minimums for injury, property damage, and uninsured motorists.

Maintenance: RideFinders performs any maintenance, repairs, and inspections and provides a back-up van when needed.

Reporting: Drivers compile and submit vanpool mileage and ridership information to RideFinders every month.

Van Features: Stereo, power windows/locks, cruise control and front/rear air conditioning, heat, and defroster are standard on all vehicles. If needed, an ADA-accessible van is available on request.

Vanpool Fares: Riders pay a low cost monthly fare that includes, Fuel, Insurance, and Maintenance. There are no hidden out of pocket fees!

Check out the Vanpool Fare Chart to view the monthly fare per rider, based on round trip mileage to and from work. Groups of 10 or more receive a discounted fare.

Riders save hundreds of dollars on gas and other commute expenses including savings on maintenance and wear and tear on personal vehicles.

Primary drivers and some Federal employees may be eligible for a subsidy from their employers.

Vanpool riders can relax and enjoy the ride with time to read, work, nap or talk without the stress of driving their own vehicle.

Vanpools remove nearly 800 vehicles and 60,000 driving miles from the St. Louis region’s roadways daily, easing traffic congestion for everyone.

By reducing the number of vehicles on the road, vanpooling eliminates over 2 million pounds of air pollution annually, so we can all breathe easier.

It's easy to create your commuter profile and get started!

Join an Existing Vanpool

  1. Complete your Commuter Profile online or contact RideFinders to enroll at (314) 621-7433.
  2. Obtain a Matchlist of existing vanpools with similar commutes to yours.
  3. Contact RideFinders to discuss joining the vanpool.
  1. If the match is good,  RideFinders will determine your monthly fare and route details. 
  2. A Vanpool Rider Agreement will be provided for your signature. Your start date will be determined after returning the Rider Agreement and paying your monthly fare
  3. RideFinders will inform you and the primary driver when you may begin riding.

Start a New Vanpool

  1. Get with 5 or more coworkers to commute in a RideFinders van. 
  2. Discuss the following with your potential riders:
    • Who will be the primary and back-up drivers?
    • The details of the route such as departure times, pick up points, etc.

3. Contact RideFinders by phone (314-621-7433) or by email ( to get started with the process.

4. The Primary/BackupDrivers complete and return driver applications, and neccessary documents. Once drivers are approved, RideFinders will provide agreements for signature from all vanpool members, both drivers and riders.
5.  Accounting will email the first invoice to all vanpool members on the roster. 
• Van delivery will be scheduled, after members make their first month’s payment.            The RideFinders team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Catch Your Ride​

What if you need to leave work early or stay late? RideFinders’ Guaranteed Ride Home program will reimburse you for up to four taxi, Uber, or Lyft rides per year. So, get on board! Our Vanpool services are easy, fast, and affordable.