Hello, HR, Placement or Staffing person! We're so glad you're here.

RideFinders can help with your HR-type things. Read the little thing we wrote below, fill out the form, THEN you’ll be doing the ride thing…

RideFinders is all about helping those in the St. Louis area find rides. Whether you’re an HR-type person (dealing with HR- or staffing-type things) or just someone looking for safe, reliable transportation to and from work… Do the Ride Thing.

We understand all the things that can get in the way of work getting done… 



So when we say that RideFinders works with you, we mean it! We do all the heavy lifting to set you up with car and vanpool solutions that will get your workforce to work on time and home safe. This is the kind of thing we call a “Win/Win”, and that’s the best kind of thing!

Ready to Do the Ride Thing? Let's go...

Why RideFinders?

RideFinders provides St. Louis-area employees more affordable and less stressful commuting options, letting workers arrive relaxed, productive, and ready to work, increasing employee retention.

RideFinders supports your recruitment efforts by alleviating concerns potential employees may have about commuting distance, stress, and expense.

St. Louis-region employers using RideFinders see genuine financial savings by reducing recruiting costs and assisting employers and employees in setting aside pre-tax dollars for commuting costs.

Not to mention that RideFinders can improve regional air quality, boosting economic development and environmental quality—so everyone can work and breathe a little easier!

Did you know RideFinders:

Serves nearly 10,000 residents in nine counties for over 1,000 organizations

Removes nearly 25 million driving miles on our roads

Reduces more than 240,000 tons of air pollutants