Together, We’re 
Driving Sustainability 
for the St. Louis Region.

By connecting workers and employers, RideFinders carpools and vanpools are paving the way to a sustainable future for our economy, our community, and our environment.

Ridesharing: Easy on You, Easy on Us

When you share the ride, you share the load—for commuters, employers, the climate, and our community. Together, RideFinders drivers and riders are taking more than 3,100 vehicles off the road, cutting 25 million driving miles, and eliminating 1,710,865 lbs of air pollution each year. Annually, our 10,600 registered participants save $3 million in gas, maintenance, and other commuting costs—savings which continue to grow as gas prices increase.

While the numbers are impressive, RideFinders also offers a variety of less quantifiable—but equally tangible—benefits. Commuters using carpools or vanpools enjoy a stress-free ride to and from work with time to read, work, chat, or even nap. And, they form deep and lasting friendships with their fellow ridesharers, creating a more connected and compassionate community.

Regional Sustainability Awards

By helping St. Louis-area organizations achieve their environmental initiatives, RideFinders is boosting sustainability across our entire nine-county, bi-state service area. To recognize excellence among our employer partners, RideFinders presents our Regional Sustainability Awards. Recent recipients have included:

The Charles F. Prevedel Federal Complex in Overland, MO—recognized for having the most engaged Employee Transportation Contacts (ETCs serve as on-site, volunteer carpool and vanpool coordinators for an organization).

Walgreens Distribution Center in Edwardsville, IL—recognized for hosting the most on-site RideFinders events, raising program awareness and providing opportunities for employees to register with RideFinders. 

Washington University in St. Louis—recognized for adding the most registered carpools, reducing traffic congestion and helping improve air quality in the St. Louis region.

Ready to Get on Board?

The more employers and riders who participate, the bigger a difference we can all make. Learn how RideFinders can help your organization meet both your staffing and your sustainability goals with safe, efficient, and affordable Vanpool and Carpool services.