How Can I Carpool or Vanpool With RideFinders?

Create Your Commuter Profile

When you initially sign up with RideFinders to find a carpool or vanpool, you provide your name and Email. You will then receive an Email with the link to create a password to activate your commuter profile. Once you activate your commuter profile, the next step is to create your commuter profile with your contact info and commute info.

Contact Info

Provide your phone number and then select how you want commuters to contact you and then click Submit.

Commute Info

Home Address

Your home address is used to provide the most accurate carpool or vanpool matches with other commuters possible. This home address is always kept confidential and never shared with other commuters. As you start typing your home street address, our system looks for and suggests addresses that you can select if there is a match.

Work or College Information

Your work or college information is required as commuters often seek coworkers or fellow students as carpool or vanpool partners. Many employers also participate in RideFinders, which enables commuters to receive incentives to carpool or vanpool such as a Guaranteed Ride Home. As you start typing your employer or college name, our system looks for and suggests employers or colleges that you can select if there is a match. The final step is to provide your work or college start and end times to match with commuters with the same schedule.

Matching Information

The final step is to select your preferences for the commuters for your carpool match. First, select if you have a vehicle and are willing to drive or share the driving. If you select no, we will match you with commuters that have vehicles and are willing to drive. Next, choose select if you want to appear on other commuter’s carpool matches. If you select no, you can still obtain a carpool match; however, you will not appear on other commuter’s carpool matches.

As you complete your commute info, click Done and our website will show you your commute matches.

Finding your Commuter Match

Once you have created your commuter profile, at any time you may select COMMUTER MATCH in the main menu. You will see a ‘widget’ that allows you to select the type of match (Carpool, vanpool, etc.), the search distance from your origin (home) and destination (work), as well as your route to work. You can also choose flexibility on your work or college start or end times, and also adjust your destination and search criteria.

Once you click Search, you will see a list of your carpool, vanpool and other matches selected. You then contact the matching commuters or vanpools shown via text, Email or phone as provided.