RideFinders Works for the 
St. Louis Region

Serving nine counties and over 1,000 organizations, RideFinders’ clientele reflects the diversity of cultures and industries that make the     Saint Louis region such a vibrant place to live and work. By coordinating safe, reliable transportation connections among colleagues to and from work for St. Louis and metro area residents, RideFinders keeps our regional economy humming.

Benefits of RideFinders

RideFinders participants collectively save more than $4 million annually and $350,000 monthly on gas, car maintenance and other commute costs!

Our riders remove more than 25 million driving miles on our roads and reduce more than 240,000 tons of air pollutants.

Reduce on-site vehicles, parking hassles, and traffic congestion.

Gain support connecting workers, expanding your network  and reducing staffing costs by partnering for transportation solutions.

Raising the Bar for St. Louis-Area Employers

Improving Productivity
RideFinders provides employees more affordable and less stressful commuting options. Using a Carpool or Vanpool lets workers arrive relaxed, productive, and focused on work instead of their commute.

Increasing Retention
When an employer relocates within the St. Louis region, RideFinders increases employee retention by decreasing the stress and expense of a new and unfamiliar commute.

Enhancing Recruitment
RideFinders supports your recruitment efforts by alleviating concerns potential employees may have about commuting distance, stress, and expense.

Improving Savings
Employers using RideFinders see genuine financial savings by reducing recruiting costs and assisting employers and employees in setting aside pre-tax dollars for commuting costs.

Clearing the Air
With RideFinders, employers can voluntarily improve regional air quality, boosting economic development and environmental quality—so everyone can work and breathe a little easier!

When You Ride with RideFinders,
You’re in Very Good Company

How to Become a Partner

  1. Contact RideFinders online or call (314) 621-7433 to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Transportation Specialists.
  2. Learn how the program works, and explore the benefits of participation, including improved attendance, reduced training costs, and less demand on your parking resources.
  1. Assign an onsite Employee Transportation Contact (ETC) to serve as a liaison between RideFinders and your company. They will identify opportunities for RideFinders to promote the program according to the unique needs of each organization. RideFinders supports participants offering direct customer service at 314-621-7433.

Ready to Get on Board?

The more employers and riders who participate, the bigger a difference we can all make. Learn how RideFinders can help your organization meet both your staffing and your sustainability goals with safe, efficient, and affordable Vanpool and Carpool services.