Document TitleDocument TypeDescription
Carpool Registration Form
General Commuter InformationCommuters may easily register online or choose to complete this form and email to or fax to 618-797-5494
Clean Commute Commitment
General Commuter InformationGuidelines for a more safe and sustainable commute
ETC Log-In information for the GRH
How to Issue a Guaranteed Ride Home
GRH Program InformationEmployee Transportation Contact Log-In instructions for issuing a Guaranteed Ride Home.
Guaranteed Ride Home Overview
GRH eligibility & frequently asked questions
General Commuter InformationGuaranteed Ride Home eligibility, step by step instructions, and FAQ
How to form a vanpool
Vanpool InformationHow to form a vanpool
RideFinders Guide for Organizations
Becoming a Partner Organization
General Commuter InformationHow to partner with RideFInders and what are the benefits.
RideFinders Taxi Service Providers
General Commuter InformationRegistered commuters may present the printed GRH voucher obtained from their RideFinders Employee Transportation Contact at the job site to these taxi service providers for no out of pocket cost. Eligible registrants my choose to use other vendors including uber or lyft but will have to pay out of pocket and submit a receipt for reimbursement.
RideFinders Volunteer Vanpool Driver Qualifications
Vanpool Driver Qualifications
Vanpool InformationVanpool Driver Qualifications
Vanpool Fare Chart 2021
Vanpool InformationVanpool Fare Chart 2021
What is a Carpool
Guide to Carpooling
General Commuter InformationCarpool guidlines and information.
What is a Vanpool
Vanpool Overview & Guide
General Commuter InformationAn overview of how to form or join a vanpool and the benefits.

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