Share the Ride 
and Lighten Your Load

Get to work and back home again with less stress, lower cost, and a convenient ride. RideFinders’ Carpool program provides free ridematching services to pair you with one or more commuters whose work location and hours are similar to yours. Whether you prefer to drive or to ride shotgun, you’ll share the cost of gas and parking and reduce the wear and tear on your own vehicle.

Tips for a Safe and Sane Carpool

Set ground rules. All participants should agree ahead of time on commuting issues such as the time, pick up location, cost for each rider, when payment is due, radio, conversation, smoking, eating or drinking, and number of days per week you plan to carpool.

Establish a driving schedule. Develop a regular driver schedule to reduce confusion and misunderstandings.

Set a “clean car” policy. To protect the health of all riders, the vehicle should be kept clean and sanitized, and all riders should follow the established guidelines of the RideFinders Clean Commute Commitment.

Avoid side trips. Agree in advance that no unnecessary side trips will be made.

Be punctual. Establish a rule regarding tardiness in advance. Both drivers and riders need to be reliable. Everyone needs to get to work on time.

Establish a backup plan. Be prepared to make adjustments with minimum disruption if the driver or riders are suddenly unable to carpool.

Join or Form a Carpool

  1. Complete your Commuter Profile online or contact RideFinders to enroll at (314) 621-7433.
  2. Obtain a Matchlist of others with similar commutes by visiting the commute match tab, or by contacting RideFinders.
  3. Contact the commuters on your Matchlist to discuss forming a carpool. If you need a little help connecting, feel free to reach out to our RideFinders team.
  4. Start sharing the ride! Things to consider before riding together:
    • Frequency: How many days and which days of the week you will carpool?
    • Driving: Will you take turns driving or will one person do the driving?
    • Costs: How much will the rider(s) pay the driver for fuel, parking, and commute costs? Will payment be expected in advance? Will it be paid by the day or by the week?
    • Time & Place: Where will you meet to leave and at what time?
    • Who should be notified when you aren’t driving or riding?
  1. If unable to find or form a carpool now, check back regularly to obtain a new Matchlist as commuters sign up frequently. Match Alert notifications are also available at the “My Profile” tab in the RideFinders commuter profile portal.
  2. If you already share a ride or you form a new carpool, register your carpool here or contact RideFinders at (314) 621-7433 to be eligible for a free Guaranteed Ride Home if you have an emergency.

Why Carpool?

Save over $3,000 a year on gas, car maintenance, and other commuting costs.

Improve air quality in your community by reducing the number of cars on the road.

Reduce on-site vehicles, parking hassles, and traffic congestion.

Get to know more St. Louis-area commuters, and expand your network of peers.

Find Your Match​

What if you need to leave work early or stay late? RideFinders’ Guaranteed Ride Home program will reimburse you for up to four taxi, Uber, or Lyft rides per year. So, jump in and start saving! Our Carpool connections are easy, fast, and free.