2015 Regional Sustainability Awards
Hundreds of businesses, organizations and institutions in the St. Louis region promote carpooling and vanpooling to their employees, and RideFinders, the St. Louis region’s free rideshare program, is recognizing four of them in 2015 with “Regional Sustainability Awards.” The 2015 recipients of the RideFinders Regional Sustainability Awards are: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, United States Department of Agriculture, Scott Air Force Base, and U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. The award recognizes employers that actively promote sustainable transportation and support the efforts of RideFinders to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.

2014 Regional Sustainability Awards
Scott Air Force Base
Scott Air Force Base
Lt. Col. Scott Bryant and Col. Greg Green
Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville
Bob Vanzo, Carolyn Turner, Jodi Cox, and Laura Scaturro
U.S. Department Of Agriculture
U.S. Department Of Agriculture
Innocent Lau, Doug Jones, Tony Bainbridge, Bill Dallas
and Christine Bridges
U.S. Veterans Administration
U.S. Veterans Administration
Fabian Grabski, Karen Westerheide, and Keith Repko